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Be confident with your caravan

Appletree Driving caravan courses are designed to enable new caravanners to learn how to tow proficiently and with confidence, and remain at all times within the law. They cover the necessary aspects of this type of driving, including

  • loading requirements
  • hitching and unhitching
  • towing techniques
  • straight and curved reversing
  • on-road work.





Caravans and trailers can be provided for those wishing to undertake these courses.


Our Improver and Freedom Courses include a free half hour per driver on-road training as detailed and  bookings for any of our Courses involving just one driver, permit a second person to come along as a caravanning partner, at no extra cost.


Taking part in our Basic or our Manoeuvring Course is not expensive and makes  really good sense when compared to caravan/trailer repair costs.


Caravan Club Courses

These are organised by the Caravan Club Events Department at numerous dates throughout the year. The Practical Caravanning courses, Manouevring Courses, and Motorhome Driving courses are carried out at Appletree.