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Be at home with your motorhome

Driving a motorhome can be an intimidating experience - and one that can detract from the the enjoyment of your holiday. A motorhome course at Appletree Driving aims to address this - building skills, increasing confidence, and improving competence.





Covering aspects such as driving, manoeuvring, parking, and reversing, a motorhome course at Appletree Driving will leave you more comfortable with your vehicle, and better able to relax on your way to and from your holiday. If required, information can be also given on the types and use of the equipment fitted within these vehicles.




Courses on offer

Appletree Motorhome Courses are suitable the beginner or the more experienced motorhome user alike.
Appletree Driving has a private classroom and driving circuit on site - exercises can therefore take place without distractions caused by other road users, and without any risk to your vehicle. The circuit has a marked out road system with a hill start, roundabouts, crossroads, T- junctions, together with a manoeuvring and parking area.



A 3 hour course covering forward driving, length & width exercises, reversing, parking, tight manoeuvring situations and approximately one hour on various types of road. For two drivers, an extra ninety minutes needs to be added to the course time.


A four hour course suited to inexperienced student/s which permits three hours driving and manoeuvring including about one hour on-road followed by one hour on basic training, i.e. gas & electrical safety, maintenance, setting up, driving tips. This course is for one or two people.