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Learn to drive away from the public roads

Appletree Driving's Skilgrower courses are operated to suit individual needs and provided that the driver is at least twelve years of age, at least five feet tall and not medically prevented from driving, they should be able to take part.





The courses are available both mid week and at weekends. Session lengths range from our Introductory course (1.5 hours) to the four-hour Skilmax course. Courses at Appletree Driving are carried out by experienced instructors, typically using dual-controlled, well-maintained Fiat Puntos. We do not use simulators, and the training is usually on a one-to-one basis (unless requested otherwise by the customer). The trainee is progressed through the various levels of training as their expertise increases.





The Under 17 and Pre-road Skilgrower courses are designed to allow the beginner to gain an understanding of the operation and handling of a car in a safe, legal and relaxed environment. They should then be in a better position to cope with the demands of driving on public roads as learner drivers, when the time comes. And of course, no licence is required!